Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/7: Recap

Missed a few days there. Here's a triple post to make up for it. The first thing is something I saw in the Duderstadt Center while doing my small metals homework. Who put it there, I have no idea, but they are awesome.

Also, the morgue reading got my thinking about how we spectacularize death and dying, whether it be through movies, TV, or books. Even more so than those, however, is Halloween, one of my absolute favorite holidays. I find it fascinating that for one day a year, you are allowed to be whatever you want, to disguise and hide yourself in anyway possible. Jack-o-lanterns are also very spectacular to me - they remind me of the images of man made out of nature, except these are skewed and disturbing, and also a very fine craft.

The final thing I wanted to talk about is weather. Seeing everyone start to get bundled up for the coming cold made me think about how we make a spectacle of survival. Now a days you don't just go buy a fur pelt and wrap it around yourself - it has to be brand-name and attractive, so that you can continue to impress your peers while freezing your butt off. The epitome of this consciousness over our survival goods is, to me, the awful Ugg boot. They are functional yes, but they are a trend in popular culture (Although they do not fit the attractive part -they are really friggin ugly.)

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